Stafford Beer and the Humankind Future

(Photos granted by Vanilla Beer)

“I estimate that more human beings are enduring agony today than ever before; the number could be greater than the sum of sufferers throughout history. I speak of starvation and epidemic; war and terrorism; deprivation, exploitation, and physical torture. I repeat the word agony; I am not talking about 'hard times' “ .

(Stafford Beer- “World in Torment”)


"One method...must be excluded- although it is the one method usually attempted in pracxtice...This is the method of rigorous protocol.The...example...make it clear why this approach to the problem doesn't work. Explicitly: the system denatures itself- with all its in-built capacity to generate the right ansrers."
(Stafford Beer- "Brain of the Firm";)


“Soviet communism accepted its own demise; Western capitalism has not accepted it yet”.

(Stafford Beer- “World in Torment”)


“Firstly, it is actually possible to redesign the institutions of government according to the principles and practice of

cybernetics. These are not wild dreams. Secondly, there is a long way to go in dismantling bureaucracy,

and I shall discuss the problems of effecting change later in these talks. Thirdly, the possibilities

propose an urgent task for our next meeting: to discuss the impact of such scientific advance as this on

the status and freedom of the individual.”

(Stafford Beer- Designing Freedom )



To commemorate Stafford Beer


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