Enterprise Tools and Approaches
The Fourth Metaphorum Conference

Liverpool John Moores Univesity May 4th-5th 2006

Conference Co-ordinator: Prof. Maurice Yolles (M.Yolles@ljmu.ac.uk)

Conference Link: Doug Haynes (D.L.Haynes@ljmu.ac.uk)

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Room G.01 (Ground floor room 01), John Foster Building, JMU, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5UZ. Map. The entrance is opposite the Feathers Hotel (and very close to the Metropolitan Cathedral - known as Paddy's Wigwam!)

List of attendees


4th May


Chair: M Yolles


Keynote: Raul Espejo

Reflections upon an Organisation's Boundary and Identity



Chair: D Haynes


Jane Searles

Using POSD with VSM in the probation service


Luc Hoebeke

VSM as an action research framework in whole systems innovations



Chair: A Espinosa


Angela Burton/Doug Haynes

Designing a Diagnostic Awareness Chart: creating a chart to focus on business improvement issues for operational managers in a housing context


Kaijun Guo et al

Organisational Fitness: from the Viable Systems Model to Organisational Patterning


Allenna Leonard

Boundaries and Thresholds: Using the Viable System Model and Team Syntegrity to Explore Distinctions



Chair: A.Moscardini


Leonid Ototsky

Stafford Beer and Viable Systems in the XXI Century


Stefan Wasilewski

A work in progress: An application inspired by S Beer


José Pérez Ríos

Information and Communication Technologies and Organizational Cybernetics


Conference Dinner:

The Valpiriso 4, Hardman Street, Liverpool L1 9AX. Map: Printable .doc

5th May


Chair: P Stokes


Keynote: Patrick Hoverstadt

Applying the Chasm Technology Adoption Lifecycle Model to the VSM & VSM Methodology



Chair: M Yolles





Invited talk: Neil Stewart

Viability and the Synthetic Dyestuffs Industry



Chair: M Yolles


Rod Thomas

Navigating those unfathomable waters: charting management cybernetics onto ordinary language philosophy


Ralf-Eckhard Türke

Viability of a rural community in Mozambique



Chair: R Espejo


Tony Bryant

The Lessons of Open Source - Participation, Inclusion, Empowerment


Steve Wright

Humour & The Cybernetics Of Popular Arms Control

15.00 - 17.00

Round Table

R Espejo, P. Hoverstadt, M. Yolles: Enterprise Tools and Approaches ... development


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Conference Interest

The interest of this conference is to look towards the application and development of a set of conceptual tools and approaches that can be used to explore, diagnose, and/or enable intervention into social and organisational behaviour, coherences, pathologies, and processes of change and improvement. Such tools and approaches will include a variety of methods and methodologies that are in some way in touch with management cybernetics.

The approach is to be inclusive, interpreting enterprise in the broadest way, and embracing both societal scale social collectives and individuals, and from small to large scale private, public and voluntary sector organisations. There will be a general focus on viability and sustainability. Papers will be encouraged that cover the interests of both theorists and pragmatists: "'Theory in Practice' and 'Practice in Theory'". Output from the first of these might inform a continuing agenda for enterprise tools development, while the second might inform a continuing publicising of success stories. A critical approach is also encouraged in which, for instance, an application story is offered that illustrates theoretical and application strengths and inadequacies

Terms of reference

The Conference seeks to take forward the Metaphorum agenda of developing Stafford Beer's legacy in Management Cybernetics, and in doing so elaborate and enrich the content of its website Tools pages.

Appropriate papers will be selected for a special issue of the journal of Organisational Transformation and Social Change.