Stafford Beer and Social problems

"...where a reference to a memorial website to Stafford Beer not accidentally adjoins the Valentin Turchin and Ilya Prigogine articles" ( ).
"...the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)... methodology is only a special case of universal cybernetic approach of Stafford Beer in his VSM ..."
Leonid Ototsky.
A trans. fragment from the "To the Cybercommunism question"(rus) paper ( 'Computerra Weekly', 18 Nov 2003) .
(A continuation of the "Stafford Beer and the Future of IT" paper )

"Components of Contemporary Change.
Today, my list is different. At the top is the spectacular advance in human misery. I estimate that more human beings are enduring agony today than ever before; the number could be greater than the sum of sufferers throughout history. I speak of starvation and epidemic; war and terrorism; deprivation, exploitation, and physical torture. I repeat the word agony; I am not talking about 'hard times'."
"But no serious political platform anywhere has proposed to make the manufacture of armaments illegal. To the contrary, this manufacture is essential to the conduct of the existing world economy, and is the major instrument of vicarious foreign policy by those who command it."
From the "World in torment" paper of Stafford Beer